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Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

Buildup of FOG’s can come from many sources. They can cause sewer lines to back up sending raw sewage into the streets, homes or businesses. This is very costly for everyone and the environment.


The best way to prevent FOG’s is through educating staff, frequent cleaning of traps and having properly sized traps adhering to Maine’s Uniform Plumbing Code.

Sources of FOG

Fried Foods


Butter, Ice cream, Dairy

Gravy, Sauces

Dressing, Marinades

Anti grease.png


Hot water or enzymes poured down the sink will clean the grease.



This only pushes the grease down the line where it will cool and harden again causing a potential for backups.

The real cost of a clogged line

  • Loss of business and time!

  • Costs of cleanup

  • Reimbursement to neighbors and/or District for damages

  • Cost of repairs (contractors/plumbers)

  • Fines and penalties

  • Possible increase to surcharge

Picture of a grease clogged pipe taken during camera inspection in Ogunquit.

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