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Sea Level Rise Adaptation

Through a grant from the Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission, the District commissioned a study to assess the implications of floods, storm surges and sea level rise on its existing infrastructure. The results of this study were documented in a report entitled "Adaptation Options to Protect the Ogunquit Sewage Treatment Plant against Floods, Storm Surges and Sea Level Rise" (Woodard & Curran, August 2012).

The District then retained Wright-Pierce to perform a review of the 2012 report and again in 2013 to evaluate adaptation options for the Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) as well as 3 vulnerable pumping stations.

Treatment Plant: Before Upgrade

Upgrade 04-19-19 (3).JPG

Treatment Plant: The District is currently undergoing many upgrades throughout the facility. Most noticeably a second story is being added above the garage for  increased office space. This upgrade will also include a major electrical overhaul, controls upgrade, and the replacement of waste pumps.

ps1 before upgrade.png

Station 1, Footbridge before upgrade: Pumps and electrical controls were housed underground in a flood prone area.


Station 1, Footbridge after upgrade: Electrical controls were moved into the tower and the station's power is now fed from the treatment plant, eliminating the need for a portable generator. Submersible pumps were also installed.

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