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Sea Level Rise Adaptation

We understand that protecting our water is important not just for us, but for future generations. That's why we prioritize the planning and execution of sustainable wastewater projects.  Take a look below at our recent projects to see how we are addressing these challenges.

Phase 4 of the Districts adaption plan deals with the vulnerability of our buildings and tanks due to their low elevation. Phase 4 will raise and reinforce tanks to prevent washing out during flood and storm surge events. The link below contains the preliminary design prepared by Wright-Pierce.

Ogunquit Sewer District aeration basins

Ogunquit Sewer District chlorine contact tanks

Through a grant from the Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission, the District commissioned a study to assess the implications of floods, storm surges and sea level rise on its existing infrastructure. The results of this study were documented in a report entitled "Adaptation Options to Protect the Ogunquit Sewage Treatment Plant against Floods, Storm Surges and Sea Level Rise" (Woodard & Curran, August 2012).

The District then retained Wright-Pierce to perform a review of the 2012 report and again in 2013 to evaluate adaptation options for the Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) as well as 3 vulnerable pumping stations.

Treatment Plant: Before Upgrade

Upgrade 04-19-19 (3).JPG

Treatment Plant: The District is currently undergoing many upgrades throughout the facility. Most noticeably a second story is being added above the garage for  increased office space. This upgrade will also include a major electrical overhaul, controls upgrade, and the replacement of waste pumps.

ps1 before upgrade.png

Station 1, Footbridge before upgrade: Pumps and electrical controls were housed underground in a flood prone area.


Station 1, Footbridge after upgrade: Electrical controls were moved into the tower and the station's power is now fed from the treatment plant, eliminating the need for a portable generator. Submersible pumps were also installed.

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