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Annual Rates

The annual rates for the Ogunquit Sewer District is available for download here

The Board of Trustees, along with staff, worked diligently this year on the District’s budget and is pleased to report there will be no increase in sewer rates this year.  The following is the rate schedule for 2022 Sewer Bills:


Sewer bills are calculated using prior years’ water consumption (provided to the District by KKWWD).  If water readings from the water district are unavailable or inaccurate for whatever reason, the District will estimate the usage for billing purposes, using a 3 year average.  All residential customers on un-metered wells will be billed for 5,000 cubic feet (cf) of water usage.


Fixed User Charge:  Represents the expenses which are “fixed” to the District; expenses that would be incurred regardless of flow (i.e. bond payments, percent of electricity, insurances, etc.)


Operating & Maintenance:   Represents the total costs to the District to operate and maintain the system.


For connected users:

Fixed User Charge: $165.00 for accounts UNDER 10,000 cu ft, base unit of 5,000 cubic ft
                           $190.00 for accounts    OVER 10,000 cu ft base unit of 5,000 cubic ft

                  Examples of how to calculate the fixed user charger (after deducting private meter usage):

                  Usage of 1,250 cf (under 5,000)    : $165.00

                  Usage of 8,450 cf (5,000-9,999)   : 8,450 ÷ 5,000 (base) x $165.00 (rate) =  $278.85

                  Usage of 12,750 cf (10,000)          : 12,750 ÷ 5,000 (base) x $190.00 (rate) =  $484.50

Operating & Maintenance: $0.052 per cubic foot of water usage (calculated after deducting private meter usage).

Commercial Kitchen Waste Surcharge: $0.015 per cf of net water usage for commercial kitchen waste water usage (appears on the bill as $0.00 if this doesn't apply to you)

Treatment Plant Relocation Fund: 10% of total bill (calculated on fixed user and O&M charges only)

Minimum Sewer Bills:  Accounts with a usage of 0 cf will be billed a base minimum of $181.50.

                                Accounts with a usage of 10 - 2,500 cf will be billed at 2,500 cf.  For 2022, this bill is $324.50.


Well Water:  All accounts on well water (that are not metered) will be billed for 5,000 cf.

Readiness to Serve (RTS):  All properties with a structure that has access to public sewer, but are not connected, will pay a fixed user charge of $165.00 plus the Treatment Plant Relocation Surcharge.  For 2022, this bill is $181.50.

Photo courtesy of  Rick Barber

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