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Photo courtesy of  Rick Barber

Sewer Connection & Impact Fee Schedule

1. Application Fee:                                      $50 per permit application     

2. Connection Fee: (One time only assessment)
     Residential: single family structure            $2,500       
     Commercial: all other                             $500 per fixture         

3. Impact Fee: $8.00 per gallon. New, remodel and additions

    (based on gallon usage per Maine State plumbing code) (money from impact fees is used to help

    defray the costs of future upgrades to the facility and systems)


          Per one bedroom unit                       $1,200        
          Per two bedroom unit                       $2,000     
          Per three bedroom unit                     $2,800       
          Per four bedroom unit                      $3,600          
          Additional bedrooms                        $800 each


     Transient Occupancy
          Without kitchen (per room)                $1,000

          With kitchen (per room)                     $1,200


     Restaurants (includes indoor & outdoor seating) PER SEAT
          Toilet and kitchen waste only              $96       
          With bar or lounge                            $160      
          All others: take-out etc                      $4 per square foot


     Laundry self service (per machine)             $800


     Retail and office space (per employee)       $120

Credits for Remodeling or Replacing Structure:

Credits may be given for removal of rooms, seats and/or bedrooms OSD verification prior to the removal. New construction must begin within 1 year from the date of the building permit.

OSD will use the State of Maine subsurface Wastewater Disposal flows as listed in the Maine State Plumbing Code, other relating manuals or a professional engineers' best estimate to approximate flow for structures not listed in this report. Any questions/requests regarding fees shall be submitted to the Trustees in writing for discussion at a regular trustee meeting. All Trustee decisions are final.

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