Newsletter - February 2021



Hello! Here is some brief information on the administrative side of the Ogunquit Sewer District. Please go to our website for more information:

2020 was a very epic & tough year for everyone!  We understand that many customers faced very serious financial difficulties this past year.  The shutdowns & restrictions to hotels, restaurants, residents & tourists impacted many.  This led to a significant decrease in water usage by many customers, which in turn impacted the sewer district.  To help our customers through this struggle, while continuing to operate the sewer district, we did everything in our power to keep costs down in 2020.  We then sharpened our pencils on the 2021 budget.  As a result, the Board and staff are very pleased to announce that there will be no increase in sewer rates for the 2021 sewer bills!


In spite of COVID-19, we were able to finish the treatment plant upgrade and gave a much-needed facelift to the old administrative building & lab (work was done inhouse). 


And…. we have a BIG announcement!  We are now the proud owners of a 93-acre parcel of land in Ogunquit! After searching for several years, we finally found the perfect location.  This land will be set aside to prepare for a possible relocation of the Treatment Plant, due to sea level rise & climate change.  See our website for more details!!!




> Outside watering may be metered separately to save you $$$ on your sewer bill. Call for more information!

>Fix leaking toilets & fixtures right away! High water bills equal high sewer bills! For example, water usage of 11,907 cubic feet is a $436.00  water bill , and a $1,179.00 sewer bill, due to the fact that sewer is much more costly to treat than water.

>If water usage isn't reported to KKWWD, we will estimate your bill, which could result in a higher sewer bill. If your plumber removes your KKW meter each year, please remind then to turn your meter in to KKWWD!

>Sewer bills are based on the prior year's water usage.

>The office is closed due to COVID-19. Please call 207-646-2028 and leave a message. Debbie will return your call


Billing Information


2021 Billing Rates:  There will be no increase in rates for the 2021 sewer bills. 

Calculation of bills:  Sewer bill are based on the prior year's water usa

Billing Definitions:

Debt Retirement Charge (Fixed User Charge) – Represents expenses that are “fixed” to the District, and would be incurred regardless of the amount of flow (i.e. bond payments, electricity, insurances).

Operating & Maintenance – Represents the variable costs to the District to operate and maintain the sewer system.

Treatment Plant Relocation Fund – These funds are set aside in a separate account to prepare for the potential relocation of the Treatment Facility.

Commercial Kitchen Waste – Restaurant surcharge of $.015 per cubic foot of usage for stronger waste discharge.

Private Meter:  To see if you received a credit on your sewer bill, look just below the middle of the bill where it says “PRIVATE METER”.  You will see an amount to the right of “Total Usage”.


Minimum Sewer Bill:  Usages between 1 – 2500 cubic feet will receive a minimum sewer bill.    ($324.50 in 2021)


Well Water:  If you are on a well that is not metered, we will bill you a flat amount of 5,000 cubic feet of water.  If you wish to be billed for actual water consumption, you will need to install a cubic foot water meter for your well.  If you also have an irrigation system, this would require a 2nd meter in order to receive a credit on your bill.  If you are a seasonal customer, it may be less costly to meter your well.


Early Pay Discount:  Payments received by 03/31/2021 can take a 2% discount.  If you are not planning on paying until the due date of August 15th, please set yourself a reminder!


Payments:  Payments may be spread out over 8 months with no additional interest.  Payments may be made by check or via our website with a credit card or E-Check.  

***Please note:  The Town of Ogunquit does not accept payments for sewer bills. ***


High Water Usage:  If you notice higher than normal water bills during the year, please call KKWWD (207-985-3385) right away to report the problem.  Even something as simple as a dripping faucet or running toilet can cause a significant increase in your sewer bill.  If you have a water line or hose break with water not going down into the sewer, please notify us so we may adjust your sewer bill!


Abatements:  Abatements will not be allowed for water that goes down into the sewer, such as leaking toilets or dripping faucets as this water still needs to be treated.


Moving or selling your home?   Please let us know so we can update our records.  We will not be responsible for bills not received.  Also, if you have a private meter, please inform the buyer at the time of your sale that there is a separate meter at the property, and where it’s located.


Metering of Outside Watering:  Credit may be applied to your sewer bill if you measure your outside water with a cubic foot water meter (available for purchase at OSD).  If you purchase a meter elsewhere, please call the office to provide us with a serial number & current reading of the meter.    It is the responsibility of the property owner to verify that the meter is working throughout the season.  Only working meters receive credit.  A copy of our Private Meter Policy and additional information is available on our website under “Rates & Billing”.


Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs:  If you need to fill a swimming pool or hot tub, you may borrow a water meter from the Sewer District to meter the water and receive a credit on your sewer bill.


Impact Fees:  Impact fees are billed to restaurants that add seating, hotels that add rooms & homes that add bedrooms.  Connection & impact fees are billed for construction of new homes. If an existing home is torn down and rebuilt, fees are due only if number of bedrooms increase.  See our website for impact fee rates or call the OSD office for more information.


Grease Traps:  All food preparation establishments in Ogunquit must install a grease trap, and service it regularly.  Restaurants are subject to random inspections of the grease trap by the Sewer District.  We mail a record keeping log to all restaurants each spring.  See our website for more information or call the OSD office.


Sump Pumps:  OSD does not allow connection of sump pumps, roof drains, or foundation drains to the public sewer system.


Outside Showers:  Must be enclosed with four walls and a roof and it may be considered a structure by the Code Office.


Non-Sewer-Friendly ItemsPlease do not flush dental floss, rags, sanitary wipes or flushable wipes.  Flushable wipes are responsible for 93% of blockages in private sewer lines from your property to the public sewer lines in the street.  These items can cause blockages in sewer lines which could lead to overflows. 


PLEASE NOTE:  PROPERTY OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SEWER LINE GOING FROM THE HOME/BUILDING TO THE SEWER MAIN IN THE STREET.  If your private line is more than 40 years old, you may want to consider having it video inspected by a plumber, to avoid costly sewer backups.


Dig Safe:  Before beginning any dig project, call 8-1-1 or go to  Sewer & water utilities are not part of Dig Safe and must be notified separately.


Meetings:  Meeting agendas are posted monthly at the Town of Ogunquit office & website, the Post Office and OSD’s website.  Meeting minutes are posted on our website the following month after approval by the Board of Trustees.


GIS Map to locate sewer lines & manholes:  We now have our very own GIS map on our website, showing sewer mains, lines & manholes!  Very useful information!  Click on “Sewer System Map” at the top right corner of our website.


We would like to remind everyone that Ogunquit Sewer District is not part of the Town of Ogunquit or KKWWD (Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells Water District). 


Office Hours:  The office is currently closed due to COVID-19. For assistance or questions, please call Debbie at

207-646-2028 or email:


Be well and best wishes for a good year!  Thank you!


Ogunquit Sewer District Board of Trustees & Staff


Board of Trustees

        William Sawyer   ~   Helen Horn   ~   Priscilla Botsford



Superintendent - Philip Pickering


Administrative Assistant - Deborah Pickering